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  Sevenel CorporationWelcome to Sevenel Corporation

We're delighted that you have joined us on our little informational website. We want to get you familiarized with our company, services and products.

If you think you know us, you haven't seen nothin' yet.  We're not just your ordinary Internet company. We do a lot more than just websites. We provide consulting, programming, and management staff, and much more.

We also have multiple in-house projects that we are working on simultaneously with our consulting work.  One of our big projects is currently top secret but we can tell you that it's something that you have not seen before. We'll keep you posted on it right here and let you know more information when we are able to do so.

Once you have gotten to know us, we think you'll like what we do, and more importantly, the way we do it. We believe that people who love what they do, do a better job. And we sure love what we do.

  Our Goal
We like to under promise and over deliver.
We want everyone to be excited about what we do.
Provide exceptional customer service and products.
We are in Southern California and will expand to other states.
We expect to grow at 25% annually for the next 3 years.
  Latest News
June 2007:
Cochinoman blog goes online with google and linkshare advertising banners.
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